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Since 2001, Hub City Auction House has been serving the greater Cumberland Valley area (Washington County, Maryland and Franklin County, Pennsylvania).  We take great pride and offering a full time, full service auction house.  Our mission is two-fold; to provide fair and professional services to our consignor and in turn provide quality merchandise to our buyers.   Whether it’s one item, a lifetime collection, or an entire estate, we offer everything from probate to appraisals to liquidation.

Some of our specialties include –  Antiques ~ Collectibles ~ Coins ~ Firearms ~ Jewelry ~ Civil War Relics ~ Sports Memorabilia ~ Household Items ~ Furniture ~ Entire Estates

To Keep Our Costs and Fees Low, We Only Accept Cash or Check.


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Why Live Auctions?

I love technology…  I love sites like Auctionzip that have taken small town auctions and opened up a whole new world beyond our local newspapers.  I always tell the Auctionzip people that they have changed that auction world more than any one entity ever…  I love using Facebook & social media for a personal approach to advertising.  I plan to start using this blog page on my site that has sat here unused since my site was finished a few months ago.  I love that I can communicate with and be available to clients and potential new customers on social media.  However, when auction time comes I prefer to handle the selling from the comfort of my chair on the auction block rather than from the comfort of my chair at this computer.  It’s my preference.  To watch the drama unfold from my vantage point on the auction block is more entertaining to me than one could imagine.  You see, I think things like auctions, festivals etc are needed more in our society today than ever before.  Computers & smart phones have created a very impersonal world.  Auctions are in fact a social gathering. A very healthy thing.  A past-time or diversion from the everyday.  Same as going to the movies or seeing a live show at a theatre.  I watch the drama unfold 3 times per month normally :)   I do not see them going away anytime soon.

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